One week's worth of thoughts.

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I read my last post here, and it was written prior to the announcement of the new AI winner. It does seem so long ago, wasn't it, and not just nearly a week ago when that happened. I wonder what happened to Jessica in all these days following the finale.

Here's a breakdown of my week-long absence:

Thursday - began a 3-day road trip. Left at 10 am heading north, far north to Eureka. Drove through groves and groves of magnificent coast redwood trees, so tall you cannot see where the top is. Stopped at almost every nook of Avenue of Giants (a scenic route paralleling I-101). Arrived at our destination hotel in Eureka. Dinner was take out from BLESS MY SOUL CAFE. Really good Southern Cajun food.

Friday - More sightseeing. Went hiking on the dunes of Manila. Yes indeed there is a Manila, California. The trail of the dunes ended on the beach. But this is Northern California where the beaches are not only super cold, but really windy as well. More sightseeing around Arcata, picked up lunch at Wildberries market. Drove around and headed to Fern Canyon but car couldn't go up, we feared with the rain coming down. Instead, we just enjoyed the lovely sceneries driving by I-101. Stopped at Trinidad, a charming little fishing village and took more back roads to enjoy the coastal rugged cliffs and sceneries. Dinner was at a Chinese buffet. Today was our anniversary. Another married couple joined us on this trip.

Saturday - On the way home, we stopped at Loleta Cheese Factory and enjoyed a variety of cheese samplings. Ended up buying two different kinds. They have a very pretty backyard patio. Loleta is a really small town, much like a western town. Almost nothing there. One block consisted of post office, a cafe, a church and nothing else. Oh yeah there's a bank too.

Also stopped by Ferndale to indulge in my obsession with Victorian architecture. Ferndale is a small town with well-preserved old Victorian houses in downtown. Really pretty.

Was thinking of making a sidetrip to Mendocino, another coastal town, but we were running out of time. The drive back was equally pretty.

Arrived home at 8 pm.

Sunday - church. Secured parking at a local park just across the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge was celebrating its 75th birthday and many activities and festivities in the city. However, the traffic would be horrendous and I personally did not want to bother. So we watched the 9:30 pm fireworks from across the bay in Point Isabel.

Monday - Memorial Day. Ran errands all morning. PM hubby decided to light up the bbq, even though we had bbq a week ago with friends. He just wanted to do it for us. While he was busy bbqing, I managed to rewatch PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Yap. It was a great end to a long weekend.

Now all my attention is focused on my July vacation. All flights are booked, tour is booked as well. We are getting some passport sized photos taken later. We need some visas where we are going.


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