A Quiet Weekend

Who would have thought that I'd have one? I was doubting that the quiet weekend would never come, but it did last weekend and I'm just telling this today. I had a meeting after work last night, which made it impossible to catch up on my blogging.

Despite the weekend coinciding with the Cinco de Mayo celebrations, it was quiet. We went to check out if there are any festivities related to the holiday out in Richmond (they have annual parade), but apparently we drove out there late and the set-up looks like it's being torn down. Not to go home without a taste of South of the Border, we thought it best time to check out Las Montanas, a grocery story, which I'm guessing is a chain store, since we frequent the one in neighboring Concord. But this new location is much closer to us, yay!

Well, because of the holiday, the people working there were garbed in traditional Mexican clothing. The store was very festive and crowded. On entry at the left side is a cafeteria style set-up. We looked at the menu and thought we'd have a little giant shrimp ceviche and pupusas. I know, I know, pupusas isn't Mexican food, but I always love to eat them. They're just wonderful. I might try my hand at making them, since this store sells masa.

Anyway, there is a little sitting/dining area off the cafeteria and we gulped our horchata and the rest of the food with so much gusto. Boy the food was really delicious.

Well, I'd be sure to keep coming back here for the food. I also noted they have very reasonable pricing for combo/party platter packs. I was telling my husband how I'd love to have a taco party someday and this place solves all my problem :)

BTW, my mom and I bumped into a neighbor of ours, who also happened to be my 3rd grade teacher at Chow King on our weekly Saturday brunch there. We chatted for a while and agreed to meet at my house someday. I hope this materializes because it's really nice to see people you've known since you were a kid.

Still working, thank God. Still busy at church, thank God. Still watching all my tv shows, which hubby says the number of which grows every year. True, but they're all very interesting.

Nothing on the big screen captures my fancy so I'm not watching any lately. Busy mapping out a short get-away for our wedding anniversary at the end of the month. And our trip to India is almost set. I'm also excited to be back to Bangladesh.

How would this coming weekend fare? I only get a quiet weekend rarely, so I bet it's not going to be quiet this time around.


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