A Season of Farewells

To a tv watcher just like me, you know this is the season of finales. The shows are either putting on a mind bending season finale or tying loose ends for their series finale.

Two of my long-time shows have said/are saying goodbyes this season. The housewives of Wisteria Lane have managed to neatly tie loose ends in a bow just like Brie would do it. I was watching on Mother's Day Sunday, just like I always do for years, but I wasn't aware until the 2nd hour that it was the finale I was watching. I used to be in the loop when it comes to my tv shows, but this past 2 years have been really different. I've got more things to do at night than ever so most of the shows I play catch up. Thanks to DVR.

Needless to say, it was quite emotional to see a show that you've watched for years. But I was glad that DH have ended their run the way it did.

HOUSE is airing its finale next week. I missed the show yesterday, because I've got my church meetings on Monday evenings. I'll catch up with it this week, after my chores.

In another goodbye, my new fave show MISSING starring Ashley Judd and shot in Europe has been cancelled. I think it still has one or two unaired shows. I hope they air those and I'm really hoping some other channels will absorb this show, because it's really good.

American Idol will be crowning its new Idol in 2 weeks, then no more singing until January. I'm really excited to see who ends up the top 2, after that I really don't care anymore, unless of course Joshua Ledet makes it to the top 2. I really don't dig his way of singing.

Another show that hooked me is the Katharine McPhee starrer (she was an Idol runner up) is SMASH. Thankfully, it's been picked up for another season.

So while my regular shows take a summer break, I'd be wise to do the same. I'd like to (fingers crossed) limit my tv watching and pick up something - a book perhaps, or even some needlepoint - to do as a project. Wish me luck. In the meantime, I'm still glued to the tube, heaven help me!


Namnet said…
I will miss House. It is one of my favourite shows and Hugh Laurie is a star.
When I was ill last month for quite a long time, I was able to watch all the shows I couldn´t have before. I caught up with Britain´s got Talent and also Kitchen Nightmares. Now I am looking forward to another series of Hell´s Kitchen:-)

I understand you got emotional when watching the last episode of DH. There are only few shows I watch regularly, I usually watch most of them on the internet. But those I watch on TV, they are part of my week and when they end, there is something missing...

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