4 Down 8 To Go

Today is May first...already... and so it's time for April recap.

April was a blur to be honest. Weather-wise, it was mix of hot (we reached the 90s) and rainy. The flowers in my garden are blooming. My roses specially are all abloom, so wonderful to see them. The rains also brought more weeds in the garden. Spent one of those hot weekends weeding. Was so hot I was downing cold water, one bottle after another. I was afraid I'd be dehydrated.

I finally got to see John Muir's house, see post here. I've been eyeing his house each time I pass by, but I suppose the admission fee and time were the main hindrances for not seeing it earlier. With his birthday and the free admission to national parks/historic sites, we were able to take advantage of both our free time and the free admission.

The Holy Week activities were hectic. I was busy.

Was invited for a dinner and play (musical play) from a couple from church. I was glad for the dinner invite, because I simply loved to get inside their house once again. I've been there for Christmas Eve party. They lived near the waterfront in a neighborhood that's newer about 10 years old. I loved the houses here. I usually go for a drive just to gawk at the houses and their gardens. Anyways, the dinner was fun and delicious and afterwards we drove to the community theater to watch Anything Goes. Really fun. I felt like I was really a part of the community.

My dining club went to Terrace Room inside the Lake Merritt Hotel for dinner. We had a lovely time, dining, chatting and even getting swing dance lessons.

A friend of ours bought a house a few months ago and threw a housewarming party for just friends - no relatives. It's just us. The 2br 2ba ranch house in the hills is simply delightful. Hardwood floors are shiny and oh so pretty. The house has natural lights, very bright and airy and I'm pretty sure has great Feng Sui (he's Chinese). We spent the whole afternoon noshing and drinking. The backyard is substantial for a single guy, very little to no maintenance required. I simply love the house. And Mike was a very warm host. I even conducted the house tours for those who came in later and wanted to see the rest of the house. Oh yeah, it was also his b/day the following day so we had a little b/day celebration too.

We had a major expense this month. We decided to install vinyl sidings just in the front of the house. The back and side have stucco. The front is beaten up by winds coming from the bay so we needed to get this done. Sear's
prices had gone down a bit, from two years ago when we had our first assessment. Plus, the no interest plan suits us. The guy who came to make assessment is the same guy who came two years ago and he remembered us, well the house. I don't remember him because he spoke with my hubs before and not me. Anyhow, the color scheme for the vinyl sidings is the same as the one we had before, except now our house looks cleaner and prettier. Our neighbor commented how we finally got it done. His house is across from ours and he has stucco all over his house. Now we're going to buckle down with the payments, well home improvements never stop once you buy a house.

Vacation is set and our final choice for destination (aside from Bangladesh) is India. We have booked our flights and tonight our tour. I've been in email contact with the land tour in India and they are willing to accommodate and tailor the tour according to our wishes, and that includes the dates and the order of visiting which cities first. I'm so excited!!! I even booked my nephew's services to housesit and at the same time accompany my elderly mother in the house while we go out on vacation. Now I'll just have to email family members about this plan and see how they can assist mom while I'm away.

Okay now that April is over with, let me try to enjoy May. You all do the same.


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