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It's down to 4 contestants still singing at American Idol. If you remember in the past years, I used to write regularly about the show, but this year has been quite hectic.

Last night's show showcased the talent in each of the remaining 4 singers. I stand my ground that Phillip Phillips is the man. I really enjoyed both his performances and his duet with Joshua Ledet.

Phillips wowed me by singing one of my absolute fave songs, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN, which was sung last year on the show by Casey Abrams, remember that? Well, I like how Phillips sang it. On his second song, he totally hit that one out of the park. The song is unfamiliar to me, but the way he performed it was spectacular. He totally threw down the gauntlet.

It's very easy to like Hollie. She's that younger sister type who likes to play and sing. I thought however that she has not found the right song to complement her wonderful voice throughout the contest. She needs a little bit more seasoning. I'm afraid she's the one deserving to go home tonight, performance-wise.

Joshua Ledet hit 1 out of 2 for me last night. His first song that Josh Groban masterpiece did not hit the mark for me. His second James Brown rendition was a grandslam. However, his type of singing, oversinging just isn't my type. Although I must confess he does sound very American Idol winner like.

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. What can I say? I hold on to my belief that she will not win, because she doesn't have enough people support. There is nothing to criticize with her singing, it's superb, professional sounding even. But whenever I hear the song from Dreamgirls, all I can imagine and see is Charice belting it out in the Korean talent show that I have watched over and over on You Tube. While I really think her voice is the best in the competition, her stage presence and song interpretation needs a lot to be desired. I don't choose her to win simply because I am not into pop songs - I don't go for Beyonce, Gaga, Katy Perry. But I hope the best for her.

However way the cookie crumbles tonight, I'm sure these four have shown their talent and have caught the eye or eyes of producers in the industry. I'm sure they will make a living out of singing. So good luck to them. Sometimes you don't need to win to be successful. Just look around who's in the industry. In the season where Taylor something won, who's in the showbiz? Second place Katharine McPhee is riding high with this wonderful show SMASH on NBC and third place Daughtry who is successful in his singing career. There of course is Jennifer Hudson who placed fourth and made a wonderful career.

So there. Let's go Phillip Phillips!!!!


Daphn3 LaurA said…
Oh hey I'm rooting for Philip Philips as well! Yehey go go Philip! :D

I agree with you re-Jessica Sanchez. She has an amazing voice, she surely can sing any song but there is no emotional connection and she doesn't have any rapport with the audience.

So Philip you go and win this! :D

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