Weekend Recap

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What an enjoyable weekend I had. Weather wise we were hovering in the low 80s, perfect for bbq. That was exactly what we did on Saturday. We had a few friends over. Four of them (+ 2 kids) arrived before 2 pm and stayed until about 5 pm. We ate, talked, drank and repeated the cycle 2 or 3 times. It was fun.

Then when they were all leaving, another friend of ours was coming in. He came ahead because his wife was still at school (very diligent in gaining more knowledge, good for resume). She also came straight from school. We ate and talked and drank also.

I don't normally enjoy bbq chicken (which we made) but the way the hubs seasoned and cooked it, it was simply heaven. I had 4-5 pieces all day long.

The couple that came late are the same couple we'd be going to the road trip this week. So we talked about the upcoming trip and how the guy voiced his concern about the cool weather forecast where we are going. Apparently, Northern California will be a little below 60s by the end of this week. He was hoping for more 80s. Well, I'd rather have a little cool than a lot hot :)

On Sunday, after church and running errands, we went for a little walk at Tilden Park. What a gorgeous park that is for a walk. It has a lot to offer. People were biking and hiking. We didn't even go to Lake Anza. I'm sure that lake is filled with swimmers.

I still have to finalize plans for this week's road trip. I must narrow down restaurants choices and places to see. I hope I'd be able to convince them that seeing the Victorian Village would be worth the time.

House, the tv show, is ending today. The series is closing its doors permanently. I haven't seen it this year, but I'm hoping I can see its entirety tonight. Oh, DWTS is also having a finale isn't it?

Just updating this blog. I thought I'd been losing steam keeping this going. Hopefully soon I'll have more stories to tell. Lately it's all been work and church, nothing exciting there.

Have a lovely week.


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