Dinner and Philosophy


Was at dinner today with my dining club (well that's what we call it) 12 of us came today. The restaurant is inside a hotel and lakeside and only 5 minutes from where I work. We've been to different restaurants before but this is the first time we went to a place where there's a jazz group playing music. Before the musicians took to the stage and before we even got our order in, a dance instructor came up to us and asked if we'd be interested in learning swing dancing for free. So a few of us went up and learned a few dance steps. It was fun, it even made my hubby dance in public. He didn't, wouldn't dance, but he did today.

It was a long dinner, 3.5 hours. During dinner the musicians played. Older people went up to dance and they kept dancing while we kept talking. The service was slow, but the waiters were really nice and friendly plus we enjoyed talking anyway.

Then one of us said those old people have more fun than us. They keep dancing. He kept on talking about how younger people don't have clue. How we should seize the day and enjoy it. Because once we die what are we going to leave? Our computers and carbon footprint :)

Needless to say, there was some wine and beer on the table :)


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