$40,000 car and random thoughts

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There I was sitting comfortably in the couch about to watch American Idol when hubby walks in the room with a piece of paper in his hands.

"Do you want to buy a $40,000 car?", he asked.

"No.", I replied.

"Good, we're on the same page.", his retort.

So I asked why all of a sudden he was asking me about purchasing a very expensive automobile, when I just got a new car last December. He said the piece of paper in his hands was one those junk mails and someone is interessted in loaning us $40,000 for a car!

I no longer read the still many junk mails that arrive in our mail box every day. I do browse at the ads though. Those I could use. But banks offering loans, not really. I don't want to be more buried in debt as I already do with my mortgage :)

Back to American Idol, early in the season my dear brother commented how despite Jessica Sanchez's talent she will not win AI. He said she will not get public support.

I agree with him, although I wish that we were both wrong. On Monday night when they showed the contestants hometown support, I was dismayed to see that Jessica's support is not the community of San Diego but only her family - extended family yes. But no one can win with just family support, not American Idol.

Thus it was a real shocker to learn that she landed in the bottom three and a bigger shock when she was the one with the least amount of votes. Coming in to the show last night, I had the feeling that the SAVE was going to be employed, regardless of who gets the boot - unless it's Hollie, I think.

So it's back to square one Jessica. And people go vote for her, because I don't vote. I do follow the show, but not as a voter.

Still on last night's AI, I am so proud to see James Durbin's performance, really authentic and so believable. He was my fave on last year's show. Very inspiring to see that he's making good with his career so far. He's a local kid you know, from Santa Cruz.

On another random thought, today is Friday the 13th. This year there are only 2 Friday the 13th and the other one is in July. Are you superstitious about this date? I don't even know what it means why people are wary of this date?

Oh man our travel planning is going really crazy. We chose destination 1. Then we found out that our travel dates don't coincide with the dates on the travel company. So we chose destination 2. The travel dates are in accord with the #2. However, before we can finalize our plans to stick to #2, Travelzoo came out with the weekly deals that made us halt our plans to book #2 and take a gander at this new destination #3. While all this is happening, I got replies from different travel companies about #1. One of the proposed tour itinerary and price really fit our style, budget and travel dates. However, we still pursued #3 because it's so tempting. When we were getting ready to book #3, there were many surcharges that made the "deal" not so tempting anymore. It hardly wasn't a "deal" at all after adding all those "optional tours".

And so after all the phone calls, emails, and headaches (mine) I think we have finally decided to stick it to #1, our initial travel destination. Nakakaloka!

[the picture above is random too, we've been having stormy weather here. lightning and thunder and winds so strong and rains last night.]


Josiet said…
I am rooting for Jessica. She's amazing. I hope the Americans vote for her.

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