3 Down 9 To Go

Here's how March turned out to be for me:
  • Watched the following movies via Netflix:  Just Go With It, The Mechanic, Conan the Barbarian, The Adventures of Tintin, Trespass and Footloose.  I've been satisfied with these movies.
  • Spent St. Paddy's Day with a dinner with my brother and SIL in a Brazilian churrascaria.
  • Went to Happy Hour with a friend, had a lovely time eating and chatting.
  • Went to a dinner date with my hubby at Hana Japan on a work night, feeling truant.
  • Attended a memorial service for a friend, church was full, a testament to how many lives she touched while she was living.
  • Went to the Oakland Museum's rummage sale.
  • Watched The Descendants on the big screen.  Oh George.
  • Physically, wasn't in the best of health, but all in all it was fine.
  • Busy - workwise.
  • Took mom to the casino for her advanced b/day celebration.  Ate too much at the buffet, what else is new.
  • Cramming to find a vacation destination/package to Asia this summer.
I am thankful for all the blessings I received this month - seen or unseen, known or unknown.  


Kayni said…
oh i love churrascaria. we're thinking of going to one after the holy week...lol...and get all that meat.
prinsesamusang said…
cheers to your accomplishments. i have not a single movie you mentioned but i think i have a copy of tintin. it's amazing how time flies!
Josiet said…
I liked The Descendants. But I love George better *grins*
shengmarie said…
I have always loved summer, but this year's summer is not so good, too busy to escape from work!

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