Middle of the month

I have nothing exciting to report, but there is a calling for me to blog and here I am heeding that call.

Let me begin by whining, the same old same old complaints. That I have no time for fun. True.

Having said that I am reminded of the wonderful time my hubs and I spent with another couple from church. They invited us over for dinner. The guy loves to cook, just like my hubs. We've been to their place last Christmas Eve for a little soiree.

We had a fun time chatting about places we've been and places we've long to visit and fun experiences we've had traveling. All this while the guy was cooking.

After dinner we went to our community theater to watch our local actors in a musical called ANYTHING GOES. It was a fun evening. The cast was good. The play was fun, beats watching old movies on tv on a Saturday night.

I can't believe I haven't been to the community theater before. For certain I have seen their flyers and posters all over town. I have even eyed several performances in the past including shows by the high school drama club, but I just never got around to it.

Okay so I had fun on Saturday night.

I was looking forward to a fun Sunday afternoon in the garden. We have finally gotten a dry weekend, and mild too. This after a horrendous lightning and thunder show on Thurs or was it Fri.

However, I didn't check my calendar. I had a meeting/webinar at church so we ended up spending the afternoon at church.

I'm looking forward to repotting my bulbs now that their blooms have died and their leaves are just about to. I would like to put them in a fancier container/vase and keep them inside. We've had these bulbs for years and had all dug them up from the ground when we were moving. We replanted them in whatever pots we could find at that time. When we moved we dug up even the bulbs to take with us. We didn't dig this one rose bush that my brother gave my mom, but the same brother dug it up and brought it to where we now live. Funny. That rose bush is currently planted in the ground and is surrounded by weeds. So I will have things to do in the days to come. I am just hoping that the weather would be warm enough for me to be in the garden when I get home from work everyday at 7 pm.

Weekends are lost causes. I don't even want to schedule anything anymore. There is a standing duty that needed to be performed every Saturday morning. And Sundays are church days.

By the way, we have not made any bookings regarding our vacation plans as of yet. It's just crazy expensive. This is just not vacation per se. We are going home to my husband's homeland to visit family, my in-laws. The plane fare alone is unthinkable sometimes. Rather than just stay with them, we also think that paying that much for an airfare we should also be going somewhere else.

I think we're going to hit the pedal with planning and booking this vacation. So far, we are still playing with either going to China, Thailand or India, all of which are okay with both of us. We really don't mind where we go for the first week or 10 days as long as the price is right, right?

In the meantime, peace!!!!


BlogusVox said…
Try Thailand. You'll see a lot of things in Bangkok alone. : )
BlogusVox said…
BTW, atticus is asking for your email address in order for her to include you on her lists. : )
Andrea said…
Hi Mary, I am not often visiting this blog but the other one, coz i don't have much time reading long posts. But somehow because i know you through your travels and your photos, i read the whole long post, haha! I love the way you write too, sincere and not boring. Now i am curious from which part of the world your hubs is from! I will put here my reply to your comment in my site, coz you might not read it there. [...when the 'indefatigable thirst for knowledge' is always hanging inside your own head, it is not always fun! Now I always physically want to hang around photographers!]
Josiet said…
China, Thailand, India. All interesting countries! I haven't been to China and India so I'd choose either one. Hehe.

Goodl uck with the planning!

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