Tattle Tuesday

Did you all have a good Holy Week celebration? Or is celebration the right word to use. I don't know. However, it was a busy one for me. As you know we don't really have a time off work for the Holy Week, unless one requests to take a paid time off. It is this nonstoppage of work that was difficult to adjust to when I first came here. Everyone's working on Holy Week. On Good Friday no one seems to be taking the essence of Good Friday. It's a regular work day.

But I wisened up and have since been taking Good Friday off. My mom and I had this tradition of visiting the local churches here. Five in all. But this year we only went to 4 of them and only 3 were open :). And then after that, we went to Chow King. We didn't eat any meat, but still. Oh I feel bad about not giving up my comfort food for the Holy Week. I was very good the whole week because I was only eating salad at lunch or cut up fruits. Yet on the holiest of them all, Good Friday, I had my comfort food, tapsilog. Yikes!

Anyway, it was a busy Thurs-Sun for me, largely due to a lot of church functions/activities in connection with the Holy Week.

Now that's over, the rain has returned, to my enjoyment. There is something about gloomy rainy day that makes me feel good. Besides, we still need water to fill our reservoirs for summer's use. So come on rain.

Oh I am still busy with finalizing our summer vacation. By summer I mean, summer here. We have a date already, July 18 to August 20. I'm going where it's monsoon season I think. I'm going to enjoy more rain!

There was a time while arranging this vacation (nothing has been booked as of this writing) that we considered Thailand as the jumping point. We have 2 destinations for this one-month vacation. However, Thailand is so expensive coming from here. Maybe someday, with God's grace, we can do Cambodia-Thailand combo.

Speaking of more vacation, I have a couple of days off due (our company gives us 2 floating holidays in addition to the vacation time we accrue). We're thinking of using it on our wedding anniversary. Friends of ours, another couple, want to join us. They have Mendocino on their mind. Mendocino is one of my most fave spots, however, it's expensive. The four of us are on a budget. We're thinking about going to the north instead and see some giant trees and visit state parks and beaches. I hope the water is not cold like the central coast at this time of the year. But I doubt it.

And so I'm still plucking away at the computer seeking the best deals I could find.

Meanwhile, I don't think I'd be going to see Hunger Games, because we're trying to cut back on extra expenses. We are even considering putting our Netflix subscription on hold. We do that periodically when we get busy or we go away. We even do that when we feel that we have watched the movies that we wanted. So while we wait for new movies to appear on DVD, we put Netflix on hold. Saves money.

What else? Oh Saturday was supposed to be photography day. I even brought my DSLR, but we got caught up visiting Gay (we brought her Vietnamese spring rolls and banh mi). She is considering joining us for a cruise next year. We told her we have a free cruise due next year anyway and we're thinking about taking another European cruise. I hope she goes with us.

I had my annual bloodwork. Thank God everything's normal. Only one icky is I'm still deficient in Vit. D. That is caused by being cooped up in the office all day. Doctor advised over the counter vitD, but I am already taking multivitamins. So I guess I'll just soak up more sun and seek out Vit D rich foods to ingest.

I am hankering for more Vietnamese food. I hope I can persuade my hubby to go eat out on the weekend even if we're penny pinching.


Kayni said…
Easter weekend was a stay at home function for me. We did take Friday off from work, so that was nice. I just feel awfully tired these days.

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