Happy New Year

I have an on-going yearly New Year's date with a group of people. I believe it's on its fourth year today. What we do is we go out either on the eve or on New Year's day for a meal. Each one take turns in paying for the meal. It's our turn this year and since we have a new house and we wanted to entertain, we thought we'd just have potluck at home with the same people. Turned out better than expected. People arrived, most of them anyway, at about 6 pm and they left after 9, which isn't really bad. The meal was wonderful more so because we were sharing it with friends.

And so it was just hubs and I ringing in the new year with Ryan Seacrest. Luckily last night, there wasn't too much left over - we have people take some home - and so cleaning was a snap. Everything went to the dishwasher, that's a very good thing because I thought I had way too much to drink.

Two bottles of beer is too much for me you see, but last night I had champagne, lambrusco, beer, and ouzo. Yah, I could say I did ring in the new year in high spirits.

Happy New Year every one. Hope this new year and new decade will be kind to all of us.


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