Neflix #2: The Ugly Truth

The truth about The UGLY TRUTH is that it's truly ugly. The acting was ugly, the dialog was ugly, the story was very ugly, and there is no chemistry between leading man and leading lady. A total waste of sleeping time.

Even though my second rental for this year was a thumbs down, I hope it's not the trend for the year.


josiet said…
I agree there was no chemistry between the leading man and the leading lady. I thought the ending was very awkward.
Srivats said…
haha heard this before from someone, but I love katherine so thought of watching, hmm now no no :)

LOL enjoyed ur post otherwise
Photo Cache said…
josiet and srivats - i wanted to see this bec of katherine, but the project was all wrong for her.
Random Student said…
who's got the stronger profile on the screen then? one eats the other when there's no chem.

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