I Am Now A Believer

I never pay attention to the hype. Not even when millions of people all over the globe spend millions of dollars or pesos or euros to support the hype. It's just my attitude to not go with the flow, which explains why I don't own an Ipod nor an Iphone.

Still I was curious, and more importantly my husband was panting in anticipation. So okay I said let's go - go with the flow- and see Avatar on 3-D after it has been announced the winner of the Golden Globe Best Film award.

The verdict? I. completely. totally. love. love. love. it. I really did. It's not just the computer-generated imagery, it's the story as well. It was a well-crafted movie. It's not what I expected from the director who's other movies Terminator (too violent, and too much Arnold) and Titanic (too mushy) were never my favorite at all, so I was really hesitant to see this. But I'm glad I did.

And to think that this movie after weeks of run still gets sold out is the amazing part. In this economy paying $13 for 3-D can be a pain, but I think in this case it was worth it.

A little tidbit about the movie: Is it just me or jakesully in avatar form sounded so much like Matthew McConaughey? No kidding. I thought I was hearing Matthew the entire time. And if given a choice between 3-D and regular screen, I'd opt for the regular screen. 3-D kinda freaks me out a bit :)


Srivats said…
Yes avatar in 2d is much better to me as well , partly because I saw 2d and 3d second time in a not so good theater and it looked really dark and without much details.

Avatar's story is awesome, a perfect message to save nature.

I see u ;)
josiet said…
I wanna watch avatar! If only there's a cinema here. Grrr...
The Scud said…
one of mga fave movies from last year. if i had more cash id watch it again on imax 3d. visual orgasm. :D
Linnea W said…
My son twisted my arm and dragged me to the theater to see it in 3D. I really wasn't too keen on going 'cause I'm just not a big fan of that genre. However, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it, and a great story it is. I kept hearing familiar voices, too, but I just couldn't place whose voices they were. I'll have to go back and check the casting credits. We saw the first show of the morning - two tickets cost $25 so I can see why they're racking in so much cash!!!
Random Student said…
i like the movie, too. and my eyes belong to a head that's not too young anymore. so i got really dizzy watching the 3D ver. if i were a prelim judge at the oscars i'd give citation to the voice of zoe saldana. best voice talent for an animation or whatever they call that.

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