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So I ask myself, "What if you blog daily?" Myself answered back, "Do I have something to say on a day to day basis?" and "Would I find the time to do so?"

Okay so maybe daily blogging is pretty hard core, but I'll try to come out with more posts. So get ready for more senseless ramblings.

Here's something I want to report. I have seen my first movie of the year - courtesy of Netflix who else. It's PUSH. It quite entertaining especially if you are like me who loves sci-fi. I like to be entertained by a movie showing people with extraordinary powers to defeat the evils of this world. The protagonist Chris Evans is too cute, and I didn't recognize him even though I have seen Fantastic Four, where he played as the human torch. The surprise in this film came in the form of Dakota Fanning who in the film is so grown up. I really like that kid's acting. All in all, it's one cool film. Nice start to my movie watching career of 2010.

Also, last night was the 1.5-hour Atlanta audition show of American Idol. I remembered laughing out loud everytime Mary J Blige could not contain laughing at the contestants. However, I could not remember any one from the audition. Sigh.

Oh the fog is back. Drove out of the driveway in heavy fog, which disappeared somewhere midway to my commute. I just love foggy days.

And by the way, I will try to write even though I have a party to prepare. We're expecting some people over for an afternoon of wine tasting and munching on tapas. I hope we prepare enough food and drinks. Wish me luck. At last count I think there's somewhere around 20-30 people sipping pinot in my house this Saturday.

Enjoy the weekend.


josiet said…
Oh I heart Chris Evans. He's sooo cute!!! I need to make a mental note to watch PUSH.

And yay AI is back! There were too many funny people who auditioned. LOL!
Srivats said…
Ok PUSH gets into my lists :)
I too love watching american idol sessions :)
Random Student said…
interestingly, i say more when i'm just commenting. except with this kind of reply.

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