Let's Talk Movies

Inspired by other bloggers' posts about movies they have seen and have been reviewing, I thought writing a post about the movies I have seen in 2009 would be a documentation of sort in case I need to refer to it later on (no clue as to why).

The rising cost of movie tickets coupled with the skyrocketing price of popcorn and other theatre eats have limited our ability to watch movies on the big screen. Hence, we only watch big blockbusters with awesome visuals, etc - those that would be worth watching in the big screen, so that leaves all non-action, non-epic movies, like chick flix out of the question.

This is where NETFLIX comes in the picture. For $9, you can movies for a month, one at a time, and you can also watch online. Not a bad deal. However, it's problematic when you have no time to watch. Well, that's another story.

I have been a Netflix customer for a few years. So, I am basing this review/recollection on my rental activity, because I don't remember how many movies I have seen on the big screen (not many).

In 2009, I watched a total of 32 movies (down from 56 from 2008). The first movie I rented was Get Smart and the last was Knowing.

Here are my 5 favorites:

1. The Lover

2. Raise the Red Lantern

3. Knowing

4. The Duchess

5. A tie between Slumdog Millionaire and Benjamin Button

Here's looking forward to more thought-provoking, emotionally-touching, life-inspiring movies in 2010.


Srivats said…
Except the last two I havent seen the other movies, would watch out , knowing seems to be very interesting to start with :P
The Scud said…
i have a copy of #1 but i haven't seen it yet. maybe this year?

#2 and #5 are personal favorites.
josiet said…
I haven't seen the movies you listed because I think I have only watched a couple of movies last year. Sad. Netflix sounds interesting...

Happy New Year!!!

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