It's Baaaack!!!!

So American Idol is back on. Last night (Jan. 11) the season (which number is this?) began with a 2-hour Boston audition. Having been a follower from season 3 (still the best season for me), I knew what to expect. I knew that the formula for the audition shows are the same - show the ones that sing badly for entertainment purposes (don't we all love to hear someone make a fool of him/herself?)

Thank goodness, however, that they did not invest too much time on the lousy singers as they did in the past seasons. Instead they had a good sampling of the audition population.

It was boring. Yes, that's my take on the initial show. The show may have run its course and when Simon leaves I don't think the show would survive without his acerbic yet truthful estimation/comments.

Anyway, they did show a few shots of the city of Boston, one of the places I would really love to visit someday.

Now I feel really bad writing about AI when yesterday Haiti had a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake that killed tons of people. Last week, the north coast of California had a 6 point something earthquake. Little damage to that and as far as I know no casualty.

Every time an earthquake hits any where in the world, my heart starts pounding, fearing that the Bay Area is bound to have one pretty soon as well. The last major one was in 1989, and people in the know are expecting something coming sooner. Which really is scary.

I had experienced the worst earthquake of my life during the earthquake of 1990 in the Philippines that hit Nueva Ecija and Pangasinan, Dagupan City in particular. I am from Tarlac and we were in the middle of those two major sites of destruction. That earthquake was an experience I don't want to revisit.

Still, it pays to start preparing for it. But I am afraid.


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