The Summons

What would you do if you found boxes and boxes of money amounting to $3 million in cash in your dead father's house?

That is how the story of my first book of 2010 started. The book is called THE SUMMONS, a legal thriller written by John Grisham in December of 2002.

The protagonist is Ray Atlee, a lawyer who opted to teach instead of practice law. His father, Judge Atlee, died before Ray arrived. He has a brother, who is in and out of rehab. Both brothers were summoned to appear before their dying father to discuss matters regarding the old man's last will and testament. Except that when Ray arrived, he found his father dead and boxes of cash - money he cannot explain; money that none of his father's papers could explain. Ray couldn't tell if the money was dirty, if his father was accepting bribes. And the story goes...

MY TAKE: I haven't read a Grisham in a long time. I can't even remember what Grishams I have read before.

The Summons paints a realistic take on life. I thought the way the author wrote the Atlee character's reactions and responses to the money was truthful and very human. The story did take a little slow to unfold, I thought. The conclusion caught me off guard (a good sign, isn't it). However, I still preferred the ending that I had come up while reading this :)

All in all it was an interesting read. I did not finish this in one sitting, more like a few pages every night. You can take that to mean that it's an average read that can be picked up anytime a free moment comes up.


josiet said…
I've read this book but I don't remember how it ended, lol!

As for the money, I think I'd call my siblings right away and divide the money equally among ourselves, lol!
Srivats said…
I have read Jhon Grishams painted house and i liked it very much, somehow the other ones did not interest me that much, may be I should give him another try.
Random Student said…
Hmmm intriguing premise. have you tried writing your own? book, i mean. at least the plot? i did. weird coz as i was trying to develop it, i realized i'm writing circumstances in my life. i was terrified i had to click ctrl Q and not save (yes it was impromptu via Word)

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