What's New For The New Year?

Well, I have decided to write down goals for the year. Not resolutions because I don't do them. I haven't done them outside of a class assignment in grade school or even in high school. So here's what I have come up with.

Goals for the New Year:

1. Be more prayerful. Live a Christian life practising selflessness, generosity, and kindness.

2. Set a goal. Something to work for. Just writing this post down has accomplished a step in the right direction. A goal will keep me focused on something, minimizing if not totally eliminating idle time on my hands.

3. Learn something new. Either enrol in a class for formal learning - which would include taking photography lessons - or finally learning how to knit.

4. Be good to myself. Exercising and eating the right kind and amount of food are paramount to accomplishing Goal #4.

5. Continue to practise "waste not want not" philosophy. Think about the money I can save by not throwing out left-overs or finding some use for old stuff.

6. Be more aware of the society I live in and be a part of the solution to its ills rathen than be the cause.

7. To explore the Bay Area, to hike its endless trails, to visits its many parks, to walk its beautifu beaches, and to savor its unparalleled grandeur.

8. To embrace household chores and make it a habit to keep a clean house, a kitchen smelling of delicious aromas, and a garden brimming with blooms and fruits.

9. To take time for meditation and/or set aside time to be quiet.

10. To enjoy Christmas Season, to embrace the rush and chaos and everything associated with it. To make it my favorite time of the year.

I'm done. What about you? Do you have goals for this year?


Srivats said…
I take all these 10 goals with wide open arms :) waah its like you have writtern it for me :) probably the only thing I would add is to give more charity and read more books :)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, your words here have a subtle yet strong positiveness and honesty to it :)

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