A Little Recap

Here's what happened to me this year:
  1. I travelled a lot. I have visited Vegas (Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park), New York (for a wedding and little sightseeing), Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Athens, Ephesus, Izmir, Alexandria, Cairo, Valletta, and Madrid.
  2. I had my first root canal. Or should I say my first and only. It was not what I expected. No pain in the tooth, but there was pain in the neck. I think the dentist positioned my head awkwardly and so after the hour-long procedure I had pain in the neck :)
  3. I attended a black tie dinner in January as my husband's plus one in their company holiday dinner. I know their company always find a way to save some moolah so they schedule their holiday dinners in January.
  4. My pet bird Mulder died suddenly. Two days later we bought a replacement whom we called Mulder also.
  5. A friend and former co-worker succumbed to the big C after battling it for 4 years.
  6. I had my first facial. Okay this is my first with an aesthetist. I used to have one every month with a dermatologist (yes the one with MD after their name).
  7. My niece gave birth to a cute chinky boy named Alex; another niece got pregnant and found out it's going to be a boy. Due date is Feb 2010.
  8. I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr, hypothyroidism, and low iron levels.
  9. I bought a house (can't believe I only remembered it here on number 9)
  10. Went tent camping for the first time here in the USA. I used to do tent camping as a girl scout back home.


The Scud said…
X-Files fan ka nga! you named your pet bird after spooky. haha.

happy new year!

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