I Woke Up To A White Backyard

With our freezing temps, I awoke to find my backyard white from snow dusting overnight. I know that the temps have fallen and have been around the 40s for a couple of days now, but the warmth inside the house make me forget how cold it could get outside overnight.

So you could imagine my delight to find the backyard whitish as I munch on my pork bun breakfast. I immediately ran up to the room to grab the camera and woke my sleeping husband in the process. I told him, come down see the snow dust.

I took some photos and wondered if the front yard also look whitish. The front yard gets the early morning sun so there wasn't any sign that there was dusting on the ground, but the cars are all covered with a light layer of ice.

It was 37F as I drove off to work today. The temp is not going any higher than mid 40s today. I love it!

And here are more reasons why I love this season:
  • wearing coats, jackets, sweaters, and boots is fun.
  • seeing my breath in the morning
  • smell of wood burning
  • trimming the tree and watching it all lit up in a dark living room
  • driving around town to watch houses all decorated with lights and wreaths and front yards using way too much electricity :)
  • shopping malls are especially gorgeous with all the decor
  • seasonal coffee drinks
  • getting together with family over meals
  • sending and receiving x'mas card
  • after x'mas sale!!!!!!!

What do you love about this season?


The Scud said…
have the chance to go back to my hometown, spending the holidays with family. lunch/dinner with childhood friends.
josiet said…
I am sure I would have lots of fun wearing coats, jackets and boots if I live there. LOL!
Becky said…
Hi..I landed here from Shirley's channel...
Yes something about warm boots and for me this year...my new woolly hat with bobbles :-) .. and the contrast between being outside in the dark.. with sparkly Christmas lights, then coming in somewhere warm.

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