America, America

The upcoming Fourth of July is reminding me once again that I haven't celebrated any Philippine Independence Day celebrations for a long time.  Not because there isn't any celebrations going around in my neck of the woods, it just doesn't figure in my TO DO list anymore.  Usually the celebrations are in San Fran and would require entrance fee.  It would also mean crowded streets and parking woes.  I just didn't want to be bothered, that's all.

Sometimes I question my patriotism.  How does one manifest this virtue?  Do I have to subscribe to TFC to get the latest news about my motherland? 

My case is different from others.  First and foremost with the exception of a nephew and his family, I don't have any "family" left back home.  I do have cousins and nieces and nephews and I guess a few aunts and uncles as well, but they are extended family and we were never very close to begin with.

So I don't have to fill a balikbayan box and send it to someone.  I don't have to skype anyone for news or to share problems with. 

As a matter of fact, as far as I know, when I moved here years ago, I packed in my luggage everything that was important to me - letters, photos, mementos.  I had a feeling when I was leaving that there was no turning back. Mostly because I was the "last one" to move here.

For the most part, I like my life here in America.  My family is here and my job is here.  I seriously wonder if I could ever get a good-paying job back home.  I had a job when I left for America, not financially satisfying but in many many ways very rewarding.

I adored my co-workers - they are lovely human beings.  The nature of my job wasn't boring nor extremely challenging, and the students were endlessly entertaining.   It made me realize that this part of the job is what caused many teachers to forget about themselves and end up being spinsters.  Nope I wasn't a teacher.

What I missed back home are my friends - my high school friends, college pals, co-workers, and neighbors/childhood friends.  That's what is seriously lacking in my life right now, connection to these friends. 

Anyway, I have fully embraced all that America has offered me.  I don't know if I'm living the American life,  but my cupboard is filled with international delights, not just American.

I most especially enjoy the beauty that is California. Looking out in the bay everyday is a joyful thing. 

Just like any other posts, I started with a goal and ended up somewhere far from the goal.  I need to take writing classes, seriously!

Happy Fourth of July America!


Barb said…
It must be hard to leave a motherland behind and start fresh in a new country. You seem to have made the adjustment well. You certainly live in a beautiful place - one of my favorites to visit. Happy 4th weekend to you. PS I like starting in one place and ending in another - your writing is fine!

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