Fashion Sense

When I was little growing up in a farming community right smack in the middle of Central Luzon, there was very little fashion statements to be found.  It was after all before the age of internet and text and cell phones.  The time when only 4 or 5 tv stations are operating and when you live outside of Luzon, you'd get your shows delayed by days.

Knowing that you'd know that there is no way to be exposed to fashion at that age.  My mother always wears a bandana to cover her hair when we take public transportation.  Riding in jeepneys or buses can ruin your hair you know.  I always associated bandana as an accessory for old people.  But I liked it. I liked having my head covered.

Fast forward to many years later and here I am living just outside San Francisco and having all sorts of fashion statements in my face and I still have no fashion sense.  What remained however is my fascination for bandana or head coverings.  I still don't use them; I have a few in my closet but I use them to cover my shoulders. 

So I am happy to be around Indians because their culture calls for this accessory. I sometimes wear it when I am with them.

Do you like bandanas, hair coverings?


School uniforms with the sash/orno they call it in Bangladesh.


Josiet said…
I like bandanas but never had the right fashion moment to use one.

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