Thursday Shorts

Today's short hops of ideas:

  • The new season of Search for the Next Food Network Star began on Sunday, June 5.  Early favorite turned out to be Pinay native Orchid.
  • Had headache as I came home from work, so what I did to distract myself  after dinner was to vacuum the whole house, up and down.  Got rewarded with cheesecake by hubby afterwards.
  • All week of sun, so different from all the rainy days we've been having prior to Monday.
  • Launched blog for EMMA AND BUSTER.  So far well received by the kitty community. 
  • Need to replace water heater.  Some costly undertaking.
  • Always hungry lately and stomach wants real food all the time like stuffed bell peppers with mashed potatoes.  Oh wait that's what's for lunch at the cafeteria today.
  • I'm craving for some pad thai.
  • And grown-up version of mac and cheese.
  • Don't forget some spaghetti and meatballs.
  • I have to make spaghetti and meatballs this weekend.


Reena said…
Hi. Thank you for the blog visit. :) It seems like you've been hungry the whole day! Hope you got your mac and cheese!
sheng said…
Mac and cheese! Yay, some thing i just can't live without! *Drools*

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