Heavy As Those Clouds

june 1 to 4 2011 016

I have a heavy heart.  My pet parakeet died on Saturday.  He suffered.  He got bit by Emma, my lovely and well-behaved cat.  I was torn.

Emma had always been quiet, well-mannered (for a cat), and did no shenanigans around the house.  So it was a total shock to me to learn she was the one who bit the bird.  I don't want to expound on this. 

Let's just say that cats know what you're feeling.  They can sense your emotions.  She knew I was upset.  That she was partly to blame. 

She became very aloof all weekend.  Didn't cuddle with me except during sleep time at night.  And when I went to get her, she even went under the bed. 

Anyway, it was really sad. I know it's only a pet, only a bird.  But you get used to them, they become part of your life, your family.  And when one is gone, it just isn't the same.

We got 2 parakeets in his place.  I don't know why we did that.  Just in case, the one left behind will never be alone, I guess.

In an unrelated news, I had a lovely impromptu lunch at Jollibee with my mom and my two bros.  It was such a surprise thing that came together without a plan.  I love having lunch with my bros and mom.  Plus I get to eat spaghetti.  Wasn't I telling you about the spaghetti craving last week?  Well, after I had the Jollibee I didn't even bother to make it at home.  That lunch satisfied my craving.


witsandnuts said…
I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your other pet. Sobrang agree ako na part of our lives ang mga alaga natin. When one of our dogs in the Philippines died, grabe ang iyak namin.
I am very sorry... So sad...

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