I Get More Than A Footlong When I Go to Subway

Every time I go to Subway to get a footlong I leave the store with much more than a footlong. My town's Subway restaurant is owned by an Indian family. There are two elderly Indian women who man the store. Let's call them Morning auntie and Afternoon auntie. Both of them have a tough time communicating in English but they get by.

A long time ago I came in with my husband. My husband looks like Indian; he isn't. But the fact that his features are so similar to the Indians made them sort of adopt him as their own. In the process I got sorta adopted too as some distant relatives.

Therefore whenever I come in I get asked personal questions. And when they found out a while back that we are still childless and have been working hard at getting a child, they give me symphathy, unsolicited advice, and concern.

Sometimes I am not as patient with them, but I never show any irritation. After all I find their interest quite comforting. It feels like being home in the Philippines where elderly members of the neighborhood/community take part in one's life. Nope I really don't consider it being nosy. It's the way it is - the Asian way.

Today (I am writing this Saturday) my husband and I swung by Subway to get something for dinner when the afternoon auntie chatted him for over 20 minutes. On the drive home my husband told me what they talked about, they were speaking in Hindi. She told him how she was in the same position that I am right now. It took her long to get pregnant, while her friends were all pregnant and having babies. She felt lonely, alone, and I'm guessing useless. That is why she doesn't like seeing people who are struggling to have a baby. Now I understand her concern and it's not just being nosy.


kayni said…
i agree, some people have genuine concern. the others are just nosy.
Josiet said…
I always have a soft spot for the elderly and in return they always like me. Never encountered a nosy one yet =)

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