It's Over!

Finally the long-awaited church fundraiser is over. It was held last Saturday from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.

No more planning meetings, no more editing, no more researching. It's over! A sigh of relief was released in unison.

The truth is it appeared to have been a success. Why did I say that without certainty? It's because the monies were not tallied yet as of this writing, but seeing the people's happy faces that Saturday night, it was a powerful community bonding event.

I have never felt like a part of this community despite living here for 18 years until I joined this church.

Anyway I was on cashiering duty that night. We had silent auction in addition to all the chocolate tasting. When the tables close the items on the tables will be moved to us. There were two ladies arranging the items in the back and they send it to us when the winners come to claim their items.

I was a monster at using the credit card machine. Kidding. I got trained 30 minutes before opening on how to use the credit card machine. I swiped and swiped the cards. It's fun not to be using my own card to swipe.

However, we bid on a pair of Thomas Kincaid paintings, which we won. All in all it was a fun evening. I had a great time. I even managed to abandon my shyness and engage people in animated conversation about our community. Can you imagine me chatting easily with people? Must be God helping me overcome my shyness.

So what's next? Summer is still here despite the weather cooling off a bit. It's the perfect summer weather if you'd ask me.

Since we were busy with church all weekend, I didn't do any chores and next weekend is a long weekend, but I'm gonna be taking it easy. I'll have an outpatient surgery on Friday and was advised on my preop to take it easy all through the weekend. So I'll probably get a little movie marathon going and cuddling with my cats.

BTW, I watched ECLIPSE again the other day and do you agree with me Twilight fanatics that those three main characters can't act?


kayni said…
I'm not a Twilight fan, but I do agree the three main characters can't act. I can't stand that girl who plays Bella.

All the best to your surgery. Take it easy.

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