Chick Flick, Man Flick and other Highlights

I finally managed to find time to finish EAT, PRAY, LOVE this weekend. I started it some days ago, but wasn't able to finish the whole movie until this weekend.  I don't get  how this movie did not connect with me.  I am a sucker for chick flick and any Julia Robert movie.  But this one, nothing.  Did nothing to me.  Why? 

Sure the cinematography was excellent, who wouldn't want to visit those three lovely locales.  But the story did not touch me one bit. I was disappointed.  Talking with a fellow church member this Sunday I mentioned to her how the movie did not connect with me and that I should try reading the book and see how it would affect me.  She liked the book, have not seen the movie, but while she liked the book she wasn't sure what's all the hoopla was all about.  Anyone would care to comment?

Oh I broke my rule of not going to the movies on a film's first weekend run.  Yap, guilty!  And what movie made me break this rule?  X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.  Now this movie on the other hand is 100% entertainment.  I loved everything about it.  I enjoyed watching the cast.  I enjoyed learning what they were before they become who they are.  I always enjoyed the prequels, you know.  I am always curious as to what made the characters the way they are.  And not a follower of comic books, I have no knowledge of who these characters are outside of what they tell me on the movies.  It was a good, good way to while the time away on a cold rainy weekend.

In addition to these movies, I finally created a blog for my little furbabies, BUSTER AND EMMA, which means that you'd see less of them here and more of my ramblings from now on. 

Another thing that made my weekend was that I was able to upload on Flickr video clips. Yay!  For the longest time I was barred (by my firewall? my browser?) from uploading video clips to Flickr and/or You Tube.  I didn't try You Tube yet because I was busy uploading on Flickr. I didn't want to jinx it.  Needless to say I went crazy and because it was rainy all Saturday, I had all the time in the world to be online doing all these uploading.  See Buster and Emma for a sampling of what I uploaded.

Still don't know why I was able to upload. My husband guessed some updated version of something. I didn't care to know as long as I was able to do what I wanted to do :)

And yet another good news.  Have you heard of YELP? Go ahead click it!  Basically it's a website where ordinary (and extraordinary) people go to review restaurants, hotels, doctors, etc etc. 

Okay so here's the good news about YELP.  I am a member, which means I have created a user name and persona and have reviewed something.  YELP is holding a little shindig - with food and drinks and entertainment.  See poster below and here is the link to the party.  I better put this on my calender lest I forget it. 


witsandnuts said…
I read the Eat Pray Love book, as usual it was better. Yung sa movie medyo inantok ako heehee.
Josiet said…
I have the Eat Pray Love book but haven't finished it up to now. I don't know, it wasn't that interesting to me. Still have to watch the movie though.

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