A First For Me

Tuesday last week after work a group of us - 10 in total - armed with Travel Zoo dining vouchers carpooled in 2 cars and faced the maddening commute to the city to dine at E&O Trading Co. Along the way one of us called the restaurant to tell them that we were running late, but we were already on the bridge and if they could hold the reservations for us.  I thought that was too much, it was a Tuesday night after all and the whole region is wet.  Who would go out to dine under such circumstances?

Apparently a lot of people go out on rainy Tuesdays to eat out in the city as the restaurant was full!

The dinner was full of laughter and good food and fun company.  Good food did I say?  It was great eating was had by all.  Our voucher (thanks to TravelZoo) allowed us to have one pomegranite margarita, 2 appetizers and one entree.  And since there were 10 of us, we shared in all the food.  We were full.  Without Travel Zoo vouchers, our grand total for dinner was $1001.32.  With Travel Zoo we paid $48 per person including the voucher and the tax and the 18% gratuity.  Not bad.  Will go back there someday.  Menu is here in case you wanted to see.

Anyway after we got seated, handed the menu and got our drinks ordered, here came the waitress.  And guess what?  She spilled the pomegranite margarita all over my right side of the body.  I was wearing a thin cotton light mint green shirt that was part of my NYC trip souvenir (shh, I got it for $4.99)  and the shirt became green and red spotted shirt :(. 

I was too stunned to do anything.  The waitress was sorry.  I on the other hand was quite nonchalant about the whole thing.  After all, shit happens right?  Unfortunately that night, it happened to me.  The shirt dried before the appetizers came in, it was a thin cotton material after all.  I was only worried that the shirt was ruined, it is after all my fave one  - I wore it in Europe. 

But the minute we got home, I sprayed some stain remover and soaked it in color free bleach detergent.  The stain just disappeared so I'm happy  now.

Have you had any similar experiences while dining out?


kayni said…
this post reminds me to pick up bleach detergent...been meaning to do that. i haven't experienced anything like that - apart from bad food from restaurants :)
scudinreallife said…
it happened one time but only on a small part on my jeans. no big deal. :D

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