Cheering Myself

Our weather had gone bonkers around here. It's sweater weather again this week. A thick fog bank parked itself in our coast and has no inclination of going anywhere until this weekend some say, and so we have a cool stretch of a few days. Nope I am not complaining. After all, it was only a week or so ago when we had that mini heatwave so even though we had to bring out the sweaters again from the drawers, I care not if that meant no heatwave.

However, the gloomy and yes drizzly summer days so far have given rise to some gloomy disposition on my part. Add the fact that I have been feeling run down, mentally and emotionally (post-surgical)and in dire need of a little get-away - one that isn't coming for another month or so. I just cannot go on without a little break.

So while I contemplate on where I could take a day trip somewhere, let me post some flower images that I know would pick up my mood.



Flowers of Singapore 2

Now I feel so much better.


Good to know you feel better, as healthy as those photos.



Barcelona Daily Photo
Josiet said…
I love photo number two. It's like flying.

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