Things To Do


I was cleaning out my desk today and found this piece of paper with the heading THINGS TO DO. Here are what's under the heading:

~ Refill kitty litter

~ Put the kitty food inside the house

~ Refill the bird seed food for outside birds

~ DVR all my shows

~ Make/post reminders for Ernie

~ Ask brother to pick up mail

~ Post our phone numbers and other information on the refrigerator

~ Pack

~ Buy food for house sitters

~ Leave laptop

~ Fix guest room

My regular housesitter and nephew Ernie requests that I leave the laptop. I have PC but he doesn't want to use that. Good thing, my hubs has one too and that's what we bring on trips to upload our photos, just in case something happens I have a back-up copy of the images already taken :)

However, I cannot remember when the note was written or for what trip it was for. Yet, the note me me smile. Ah the joys and excitement of planning for a trip :)


kassidy's notes said…
my friends laugh at me because i usually have a very long list when planning a trip.
nice post thanks for sharing... i like it..:)
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thanks for sharing..:)
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