Another Work Day Is About To End

I don't have anything in particular that I wanted to share today, hence the title of this post.

I have been getting lazy with blogging lately - err only this blog. The other blogs where I post mostly photos are all up to date.

I guess I'm trying not to whine too much online that's why I'm shying away from this blog.

Let's see what has been happening lately.

Well, my niece came over last Sunday with her brood - 3 boys - and the youngest Alex - almost 2 - used to be afraid of my little Buster. Alex I was told could get along with dogs, but with cats he had a problem with Buster. Until last Sunday. They played together and apparently the boy learned that he is the superior specie and exerted his powers over the poor cat. But Buster was all sport about the whole thing and played with the boy and did not bite him at all. Buster likes to bite me and my husband playfully.

Speaking of weekend, it was a lazy one. I had my monthly visitor at that time so I was lazy and crampy as hell. On Saturday though, I had to go out and take my usual Saturday date with my mom. She loves to eat at Chow King - their palabok is her favorite.

My brother takes her out on Fridays, but he doesn't like Chow King and so he takes her to Jollibee. Mom doesn't like Jollibee :)

I like Jollibee especially when I'm craving for the super sweet Pinoy spaghetti. But Chow King's chicken meal is also as good - in my opinion - as the ones in Jollibee. Just my opinion.

Also this weekend was my brother's (#4) birthday. He with his wife went with brother #2 and his wife to Vegas. Brother #2 issued me an invite but I was not ready to go to Vegas, financially and emotionally. However, we are planning a Vegas trip sometime in the near future. I haven't gone away (pasyal-pasyal) with brother #2 for a long time - since I got married I think.

Anyway, this Sunday we're having a little adventure, sort of. WE signed up for a trip to shoot the rapids. I am a little nervous because I don't know how to swim. Let's see what happens. Do it once, check it off your list and move on to another. It's not on my list, but my hubs said it looks like a fun thing to do with friends. So we're doing it with about 10 friends of ours.

And while I am really excited to see the Harry Potter movie, I am also not racing to the theatre to see it. I'm afraid that once I've seen the movie, then it is final. The series had ended. Until then, I can still say there is Harry Potter left in the future.

Now that the final movie has been released, I can probably go and read the books. I have told myself that once all the movies had been made, I would read the books. I didn't want to read the books while the movies were being filmed because I want to get one side first, the movie side and then hear what the book side has to say. I don't want conflict, in short :)

How was the HP movie?


Superb Piece of Website, you have here. I am so lucky to run into your blog by way of google queries. I just bookmarked to read all of your posts.
Josiet said…
Wow you have Chowking and Jollibee there! My brother said the new chicken from chowking is also good. Unfortunately we haven't sampled it while we were there.
Live Out Loud said…
You have a cool blog here - I ran into you via a comment on 'Life Ramblings'.
I've read all the 'Harry Potter' books but I missed the last movie! I think they're pretty darn close to one another - only changing in the movie where you have to because it's a visual medium.
Hope you love the books as much as I have!!

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