Easter Sunday

I sat on the couch, my legs under me, a cotton throw over my lap. The TV was on showing an old Harrison Ford thriller. On any other day attention would be focused on the tube. Harrison Ford after all is a must see whatever his film is. But today it's a cold day. Wet. Windy. Lazy. A day that required hot cocoa at 1 pm. I continued to sit on the couch, never moving, afraid to move for my position on the sofa is so comfortable. The movie was temporarily forgotten, my gaze transfixed beyond the glass of the back yard door. The downpour continued, no sign of letting up. The leaves and limbs of trees are swaying continuously. I don't want to go out in this weather. Then she jumped on my lap, my little 2-year old cat that I adopted only a few days ago. She made adjustments in my lap finding the most comfy position. Then she stopped moving. I knew she would be asleep in no time.

I continued to sit there, tv still on, but I was watching the rain more than anything. And I thought how lucky am I to have a roof over my head on a rainy day, a blanket to keep me warm, the love of a cat and a husband who sat next to me and half-heartedly reminded me that the next showing of CLASH OF THE TITANS is nearing. I looked at him, he looked me in the eye. And we knew, the titans can wait another day. Today we are staying in with our new cat enjoying the cold wet rainy and windy Easter Sunday.


mumsified said…
I am sure I wouldn't move either. Rainy days are for lying in or drinking hot cocoa.

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