Infidelity - That's What's On My Mind Today

Infidel is a word that came to my vocabulary a little later in my life. And it came via a scene in a movie where the lead actress yelled, "I am not an infidel." It was a love story.

After leaving the cinema, we rushed to see Mr. Webster and see what infidel meant. And that's when we learned what it was.

However, I never learned to use it in any of my letter writing (how it would come up I wouldn't know) or on any of my theme writing in school. It however remained this "big" new word that I learned and still didn't find the right scenario to use it.

Anyhow, this post is about infidelity and Sandra Bullock's filing for divorce from her "infidel" husband. Hah! I finally got to use the word (yay!).

I am using Sandra Bullock's name here, but this could be about every woman and/or man who has been at the receiving end of acts of infidelity.

I am not going to go into what compels people to cheat on their spouses, mates, partners, etc. That's not what I am interested in exploring. I want to know if forgiving and forgetting the act of infidelity is possible in situations like this, or if people who choose this option are to be applauded or pitied.

To those who can forgive and forget my question is "Have you really forgotten and forgiven?" or is it just lip service to preserve the status quo. Do you take this course of action because you don't want to rock the boat? Do you truly love the person who hurt you that much that you are willing to set aside your own pain and accept him/her with open arms? Do you make a fresh start with him/her? Will you be able to see him/her without remembering the sin?

To the majority of people that turn their back on the infidelity and walked away and never ever look back, were you hurt that much that you shut down your ears to listen to what he/she has to say? Why was it hard to look beyond his/her transgression?

A lot of factors can sway a person's decision either way. There are the kids, the mortgage, the reputation, etc, etc, etc. Whatever they are, it's an individual decision.

Can you forgive and forget? If infidelity is not the deal breaker in your relationship, what is?


mumsified said…
I always say that I would not and could not forgive an infidel. I always tell my husband this. Pero sabi nila, iba daw ang reality. Then I guess I will just have to see when it happens...which I hope won't happen....

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