Another Friday

That's right, another Friday is upon us. This means of course that four Fridays ago was my surgery. This also means that this is my last day on medical leave. I report to work on Monday.

Four weeks buzzed by so quickly. I do remember the first week, as I was very very careful to take it easy. I was aware that I had to slowly go down the bed, down the stairs and limit going up and down the stairs as much as possible. I knew that most of my recuperation time was spent on tv watching and internet. And boy did I spend an absurd amount of time on Facebook.

And so this is what I found regarding Facebook while spending my recovery. People don't know me. I am not a popular person. Proof here. I was born and raised in a small community where everyone is somewhat related to every body else. In town there were two elementary schools and two high schools. Whichever school you go to, you know people from both schools.

Which is why I wonder why these people know my friends (my bestests gal pals) and add them and not me? Okay, I ask the question, maybe I should not ask why they don't add me, but ask why don't I add them. Are you asking the same thing? Will you do the adding instead of waiting to be added?

At any rate, I am not adding any more friends on my list. I am making a stand here. I knew long ago that I was a homebody, grew up as one as a direct result of strict parents. But regardless of whether my parents were strict or not, I wasn't as sociable as any of my friends. I found it really difficult to strike up a conversation with people on different class levels. I'm sure "suplada" (or aloof) was a favorite descriptive word used to describe me back in the day. How wrong were they?

But the thing is we're all grown-ups now. Shouldn't I have grown out of my shyness? Shouldn't I add them, which is tantamount of approaching them in real life? An activity not undertaken by me as far as my recollection goes. The most galling about this is that I cared enough to blog about this. If my husband reads this blog he would say, this is what we get when we are idle. So so so glad that I go back to work on Monday and have more serious things to worry about than this stupid Facebook thing.

Happy weekend.


mumsified said…
Happy weekend!

My problem with FB is that people are adding me just because we are from the same town even if I don't know them (do they know me?) At the risk of offending them I add them at first but delete them later on. Psssst...LOL!

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