My Doctor is Christina Yang

That's my first impression when I met my surgeon. She phoned to prepare me for my surgery - before my actual pre-op doctor's appt.

If you are not familiar with Christina Yang, she is one of the surgeons/characters in the popular ABC drama GREY'S ANATOMY, perfectly portrayed by Sandra Oh. Christina Yang is a surgeon first and foremost. She seems to be devoid of any emotion; afraid to show a hint of it. She gives it to the patient as it is, no sugar coating without regard to the patient's feelings.

That's why I mumbled to myself after our phone talk that I have Christina Yang for a surgeon. You know why? Well when we were discussing all the pros and cons of the surgery and I broached up the topic of worst case scenario, she immediatly shot me down saying the worst case scenario is DEATH. I told her pointblank too that was not in my list. I'd rather not consider that as one of the scenarios. During the phone conversation, she was all business.

And so when my pre-op appt came, I had to bring my husband with me. I was very nervous about the surgery - which is reasonable under the circumstances - but when we got to meet her personally, she wasn't too bad. She was not my regular doctor, but she was highly recommended by my regular doc as he no longer participates in any surgeries.

Today I saw her for my post-op and we hugged after the appointment. I liked her a lot. My surgery was a positive experience for me, very little discomfort throughout the process. Now I am back to my regular routine. I thank God and my Dr. Yang.


mumsified said…
My mom's doctor was sort of a Dr. Yang too. Totally devoid of emotions. I hated him that time. He was brutally frank but at least he was good.
The Scud said…
good for you. hope you're doing fine now.

btw, lapit na series finale ng LOST!

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