Still Alive

And have resumed regular routine. Gone is the one month of lying around the house, watching tv and surfing the net all day. Goodbye to 11 am rise time every morning.

Yes, I have returned to work, but I still have my post-op check-up on Friday. The doc has suggested I take up to 6 weeks off, but I took it upon myself to go back into the swing of things two weeks early.

So I am back to work for three days now. All's going fine. The pile of paperwork on my desk looks more decent now with three days of work put into making them go away. I have a ways to go. And the phone continues to ring too.

Anyway, I am happy to be shock to wakefulness by the alarm clock whose sound jars me and my cat from deep slumber. It's funny to see Emma leap out of bed (she sleeps next to me, then goes to husband's side when I leave the bed to shower and get ready for work) when the darn alarm clock goes. Hubby said she will get used to it. She doesn't. Three days of ringing and three days of her jumping out of bed. It's really funny to see a freaked out cat reacting to the sound of an alarm clock.

I like being back to work. One can only enjoy surfing for a while. afterwards even that can be boring too. I was itching to return to work earlier than the minimum of 4 weeks, but common sense prevailed and I had to concede with doc's advice of at least 4 weeks off.

What I miss is my bonding time with Emma, that affectionate cat that we adopted midway into my leave. I miss having her near me all the time. She sometimes disapproves of my working with the computer especially when I'm using the laptop in bed. She wants to sit on my lap and with the laptop there, my lap is unavailable to her. She would walk all over the keyboard and sometimes I would stop working to accommodate her; other times I ignore her. And when I do the latter, she would go away for a minute or two, then in her softest meow voice, she would come back to me and look at me with those adorable eyes and I would eventually lose the battle.

I love having a cat. It suits my personality. I grew up in a household where we always had dogs. They were the ones that would be outdoors all day and just come home to eat and sleep; very little maintenance needed.

That is why I am so happy having Emma. She brings us so much joy. My husband went crazy buying her toys and accessories yesterday. I like giving her treats. I like coming home to her. I could see the joy in her eyes when I come home and she sees me home.

Most of all, I love that she follows me around the house. She sits on my lap to watch tv. She waits outside the bathroom door when I take my shower. Or when she wakes up before the sun is up and would want to play hubby would carry her out of the room and closes the door - she would be standing guard on the other side of the bedroom door until I open it an hour or so later.

Now I ask myself this question: Why didn't I get a cat much earlier in my life? For those who are cat owners, give me some pointers and advice on how to make my Emma happy. Well, she actually seems happy, is eating properly, is pooing and peeing regularly, never had an accident. What can I say she's a darling.


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