The Weekend Is Almost Here

That's right, it is. And time to plan for what to cram between running errands and cleaning the house.

The past weekend saw clear skies on both days, which enabled us to walk in the park. This Saturday, I am hoping that we'd be able to participate in the Walk Against Genocide that the Armenian Genocide Commemoration Committee (?) is hosting. It's actually an annual event. While I suck big time at history and basically knew zilch about this genocide, I am attending - at least that's my intention - because it will be over the Golden Gate Bridge. And I haven't been on foot at the bridge before. This would be fun. Haven peeked at the weather report yet, but looking out at the window just now, it could be a good sign that the skies are clear at present.

And if I intend to go to the walk which takes place at 11:00 am on Saturday, I better load up the washing machine tonight and do the laundry. The house needs some vacuuming, up and down. I did some vacuuming in our room one day this week, but I can feel the dust every where.

Okay, I'm assuming we'd go. If we don't I have no plan B. There's always those shows that await me in the DVR, I can always see those, right?

Have a great weekend.


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