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Don't you just love it when the decision you made months ago proved to be good and right?

Well that's what I discovered last night when after months of temporarily putting our Netflix subscription on hold - to give way to our busy schedules and an even busier Network programming schedules - the much touted sequel to the Twilight series, movie #2 New Moon was delivered to our mailbox.

This is how our night played out. I met hubs at Costco for our much needed grocery outing. We do our Costco trips during the weekday, because as you all know, Costco is a bedlam of shoppers during the weekend. It's too much stress to elbow people out of the way to the samples table, you know.

Anyhoo, we arrived at home nearly 9 pm, just in time to see the beginning of AI, which sadly was the show where Siobhan Magnus got the boot, really sorry to see her leave this early. I was personally hoping it would be Big Mike or little Aaron. I have nothing against them, except that I already had chosen my faves - Casey, Crystal, Lee, and Siobhan :) - I simply could not extend the list to 6 now can I?

Our 10 pm slot is taken by our daily devotion - whatever shows we watch on this timeslot is already recording on DVR to give way to our bible reading activity.

At 11 pm, we watch the nightly news, 11:30 we listen to David Letterman's monologue and his top ten list. On days when he has an exciting guest, we tune in to the interview portion, otherwise I hang up my glasses and sleep. Last night when the monologue was over, we put in the dvd of the movie.

Let me clarify that my husband and I - covered in blanket except for our faces - watched the whole thing lying down. The cat was next to me - her favorite spot when sleeping. We watched the whole movie in its entirety. No fastforwarding. It was late, we were both going to work today. But we stayed with the movie. And this is what we thought of the movie:

~ The dialogues are way too corny.
~ The acting by all three major characters was horrible.

And yet we didn't turn it off. Why is that? Because it's a part of the trilogy. And blah as it was, it was just a part of the bigger whole, you know. Let me ask you this, did you not think that The Two Towers, LOTR movie #2 was the least interesting and most boring of all the three?

However, I was so glad that we opted to pass on watching this on the big screen for 10 bucks a piece + whatever snacks we would have enjoyed. We saved roughly 50 bucks for waiting for it to be available on DVD.


mumsified said…
Actually book 2 of the series is boring as well but just like you said, you couldn't turn it off because it's part of the whole. Part 3 is better and I hope it translates to the movie as well. Happy weekend!
The Scud said…
100% agree. new moon sucks. i'm sure the 4th movie will be horrible. haha.

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