Happy, Sad and Panicky, Happy Again

I really wanted to write about my rollercoaster of a weekend because as you can see from the title, it was an eventful one. Let me get the ball rolling first by saying how glorious our weather was on both days. Clear blue skies and warming up to 82 on Sunday. Perfect spring weather, doncha think?

That's the first happy. The weather made me happy. It enabled us to plant two eggplants, a zucchini, and chili peppers in the same plot where we have six tomato plants and herbs growing. By the 4 pm marker, my husband was hurrying me out the door as he learned there's a jazz concert at the park - 9 blocks away from where we live. We took the cameras and went out the door.

By 8 pm, we have arrived home from the jazz concert (which actually was not one, but some guy playing jazz records in the park while a trio of gals do some yoga and a handful of people were watching on grass) and an impromptu grocery trip to Berkeley. There are two mom-and-pop grocery stores in Berkeley that we love and drive all the way there to shop sometimes.

I went straight to fixing dinner, hubby was doing the same. I think he realized that Emma our cat didn't go down to meet us. She has the habit of coming at the top of the stairs each time the front door opens. She's curious to see who has come home :D But at that time, she didn't peek. I was hungry and busy putting groceries away.

Hubs went to see what Emma was up to. He couldn't find her. His voice had that panicked edge to it that registered a red flag with me. I left what I was doing (I burned the paratha in the process) and helped him find Emma. Nothing. We looked high and low - twice, thrice, maybe four times. We opened every cabinet up and down. Opened toilet bowls. I was afraid she'd fall and not be able to get out and drown. Plus we keep the lids down because Emma likes to drink from it even though she has fresh water for her.

SAD and PANICKY we were. My mom helped in looking. We looked every where. My brother looked at his room - he was not in when we went out. We called the sheriff department, the animal control, the animal shelter to report her missing. We were confident that she would be found as she has a collar with our phone number on it. We drove around the three blocks of our neighborhood trying to see if she was anywhere. We looked over and over at the front and back yard, meowing and meowing and calling her name. I wonder if our neighbors heard us.

At about 11 pm, after our daily devotion, my brother was knocking on our door. He has Emma on his arms. Apparently Emma was hiding in his room, being very silent while the entire house rocked with our shouts of Emma. Then we were happy again that Emma was found. She put us thru one hell of a night, I'd say. The day ended with her taking her rightful place in our bed next to me and she slept peacefully.


On Sunday before heading out the door to enjoy the glorious sunny weather - the first in a long time - I checked FB. Yah, it's a must to see what's my friends are up to. NOT!!!! And there I saw, my brother posted photos of cute little puppies. He got a pet, a puppy no less. A cute little mixed breed - too many breeds mixed that I can't remember them all. My dog-loving husband didn't wait to see the dog. We went straight to my brother's house to visit with the dog. What a cutie. I 'm so happy to see my brother and SIL very happy with the arrival of this cutie in their house and even their sons seem to be enjoying the new member of our family.


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