Friday Musings

Friday gets a new meaning to me since my surgery. Two weeks ago today I had my surgery. And I feel like the old me. I feel I'm ready to take on my regular routine of work and everything else. I am so thankful for the relatively painless recovery and a very quick one it seems. But of course I am not going crazy. I am aware that I have to let my own body heal in its own time. I don't want to hurry it up for my own agenda. So I must still keep on staying at home for another 2 weeks.


* My favorite lipstick (and the only one I use) is CLINIQUE'S NUDE BEACH.

* If I am wearing a perfume (I don't anymore, got allergic to perfumes a few years back, which is a pity really) I would wear BEAUTIFUL by ESTEE LAUDER. I used to love that scent a lot and I even use the Beautiful lotion. Not anymore.

* I go to STARBUCKS only to get the generic house brew or the Americano. I used to go for the fancy concoctions, but once I realized how much calories each drink contains, I took a hands off policy to all of those "empty calories".

* I have never outgrown my fascination with sweet smelling and cute stationery products :)

* I still send greeting cards via snail mail. Our tribe is dwindling.

* I cannot stand long lines at the grocery store check out counter.

* I spend way too much time lurking on FB. I cannot get enough of people's (my friends okay?) vacation pictures.

That's all for today.


The Scud said…
it's good to hear you're doing fine. still addicted to lost ba?
mumsified said…
Hahaha, I spend too much time in FB too.

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