Idle (or Idol) Opinions

Last night the top 11 of American Idol took the stage to the theme of Billboard #1s. I don't know how many of those numbers ones are really available for them to sing, but the song choices were more of the miss kind than the hit kind.

Anyway let's see what I got to say:

Against All Odds is a song that's easy to listen and people think easy to sing. But in my years of watching AI the song has been attempted almost every year by aspiring idols and if my recollection is accurate no one really slammed or as Randy would put it "slayed" the song. So if no one ever given justice to this song, why then every year, the song gets chosen? Do not misunderstand me. It is one of my all-time fave songs. It's such a romantic song with easy-to-listen melody. And I would like to hear it from someone who would give an outstanding take on it. But if you choose your song, it must be one you can do justice to and excel in. Sorry to say that Paige Miles did an awful rendition to the song. As she was starting to sing, I was wincing and I told my husband who was eating dinner with me as we were tuned in to the tube that Paige would not get a single positive reaction. I knew.

(Trivia: I just found out the prior to Paige Miles there were 6 other idols who covered this song on the Idol stage, making this song the most covered song in Idol so far.)

Crystal Bowersox is in a league of her own. It's a shame that she wasn't discovered before Idol because I feel that she's so ready for the real thing. Her singing and her style is right up my alley. My husband said it best: I would buy her records. True, hubs and I don't buy music but like him I feel that I could pony up some cash to get her records, that's how much we love her music and how much we feel she's that good. And the song she chose was perfect. I only heard of the song, Me and Bobby McGee a few months back when it went on the radio and it had this line that says, FREEDOM'S JUST ANOTHER WORD FOR NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE, and that line resonated with what I was feeling when I heard of it and I wanted to hear the song again. I'm not voting, but it would totally suck if people don't vote for her.

And the rest, what can I say. This household still heavily favored Siobhan Magnus although that screech at the end of her performances which is becoming a trademark can be a little irritating sometimes. I didn't dig her song choice, but I thought that she performed wonderfully.

Didi Benami got no love from the judges, but I thought she did a good job. And I liked her voice in that song. Am I missing something here?

Casey James remains my sentimental favorite after singing Heaven in his first Idol stage performance. But I must concur with Simon that his cover of Huey Lewis and the News's song was nothing but that: a cover. And also his smile and his smiling eyes distract me from listening intently to his performance. Can a person's good looks be a negative factor? I think he's too good looking to be taken seriously.

As for the rest, not one performance stood out as good or bad. The bottom three tonight would be: Paige Miles, Andrew Garcia, and Tim Urban.


mumsified said…
Totally agree with your bottom three. Let's if we got it right =)

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