I Am A Slacker

Today marks the beginning of my second week of medical leave. The first week consisted of surgery and stay in the hospital, with the rest of the week spent taking it easy and blogging - unfortunately not in this site, which is indeed a pity.

I must say that the recuperation process has gone so well so far. Much more positive and progressive than I could have expected or imagined. Much less pain than I ever worried about. And I have to say that many people have been praying for me and my full recovery.

It's funny that prior to my surgery while I was getting my affairs in order at work - well getting some people to take over my duties while I was away - a co-worker has told me she's going to pray for me. I really felt touched by that simple gesture. I do say those words when someone is ill or depressed or downtrodden. Most of the time I pray for the person. A few times I must admit that I don't, or forget to say a prayer for that person. But you know what, whether or not that co-worker prayed for me or not, I felt better. I felt her concern. And I guess because many people have sent cards - yes there are still people here in USA that uses the postal service and mail cards - I felt really empowered to conquer my pain, my discomfort. I am thankful for my community of co-workers and church members.

Unfortunately, this blog has been left alone for a while. I just can't think of a thing to say. I almost blogged last week when I was bored to death of nothing to do. But of course what else can I write about when I'm homebound, internet and tv as companions day in and day out.

I invited my nephew's dog who also just came off surgery to visit and enjoy the spacious backyard so while I chitchat with his person, the dog could run like crazy in the backyard.

I hope to be able to blog more often. So far, I don't have pain anymore. I watch a lot of tv and bloghop a lot too. See you later then.


mumsified said…
Really glad you're doing well. When are you going back to work?
Srivats said…
I am glad you are recovering, its been a shock to me to learn that u went through 3 hour surgery and even getting up from bed seems like an activity.

You are one confident soul and I am very happy for you , to see you getting on with whatever the life presents u at the moment, ur writing itself is so easy and not like whining, thats the best way to look at it, as a perspective , which would defn help you heal quicker and get better.

If possible say this affirmation everyone morning and night before and after u sleep
" Everyday in everyway I am getting better better and better"

God bless and heal well

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