Boys Nite 2

It's AI performance show time again. This week the schedule is switched because one of the girls had medical emergency. So tonight it's the boys show.

FAVORITE PERFOMANCE OF THE NITE: Lee Dewyze. I really like the tone and timbre of his voice.

DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE NITE: Casey James. What the heck is this guy thinking? Sure he has showed his prowess on the guitar. He sure is good with that. But the singing was very amateurish tonight. Hope he bounces back next week.

Overall, the night was way better than the first boys night. There were more enjoyable and easy to listen and watch performances.


josiet said…
Omg, I really like Lee Dewyze. I hope he stays until the end together with Siobhan. Hhehe. I like these two =)

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