Girls Night 2

The night was enjoyable for me. I again share with you what I thought.

FAVORITE PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT: Tie between Crystal Bowersox who sang a CCR song that I never heard before, but I totally dug her performance, and Siobhan Magnus who rocked an Aretha song.

Methinks I have found the performers I would be supporting this year. Usually I don't pledge support for any one until the Top 12 were chosen. Top 12? Or was it Top 10. I can't remember. But this early, I knew that I liked both girls' styles and voices.

SURPRISE OF THE NIGHT: Katelyn Epperly who accompanied herself on the piano to the tune of Scientist by Coldplay, another song I have not heard before, but the performance spoke to me. I loved it.

DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE NITE: Lacey Brown, who for the second week in a row did not live up to the standards of the Hollywood week. It's really a pity. I like the girl, I like her look, I like her quirkiness. Wake up!

That's all for today. And I'll try to come up with something else to post other than American Idol-related blabbers.


The Scud said…
crystal and that platinum blond girl are my bets. sama ko na rin si didi. she's hot.

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