Let me tell you......

........about this new restaurant that I discovered last Sunday. It serves Vietnamese cuisine (yum) and is decorated by items/tools that the Vietnamese use for fishing and farming, or in their daily life. The restaurant also has high ceilings with exposed beams and a sunroof at the center. It's a big restaurant, and the tables are set a good distance from each other.

Gay took us out to Nong Thon on Sunday. She's been getting adventurous gastronomically in her advancing years, which I really applaud. When she phoned us she mentioned she's taking us to a Thai restaurant. We said okay, let's see what's going on in here. Several months ago we introduced her to Vietnamese cuisine via banh mi and spring roll. We thought that those two dishes would be the best for her to get acquianted with Vietnamese food. She loved it!!! So much so that she took one of her girlfriends out to eat at the Vietnamese hole in the wall that we recommended.

And so when she said Thai food we were thinking she was really getting adventurous. She just got to know Vietnamese now she's venturing into Thai cuisine on her own.

Anyway, the hubs and I were suprised that the restaurant was not Thai but Vietnamese and that it was in the same spot where a coffee house called CENTRAL PERK (yah, you Friends fans would recognize the name) used to be at the corner of Central and San Pablo.

We enjoyed the food of course. I love Vietnamese food and I shied away from my regular pho instead opted for a vermicelli bun. The hubs ordered the same thing.

I could not wait to go back here. I was talking about the restaurant nonstop for days after we ate there and then a colleague of hubs called to say she wanted to talk to him. They're bummed about seeing one of their co-worker lying in ICU after deterioting so rapidly after a diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's disease.

So the hubby made arrangements to meet with her at that same Vietnamese restaurant next week. Yay, I am going back there. I can't wait.

Happy Easter everyone!


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