Food Craving Friday

may 24-25 2011 299
Some days you just want to eat desserts first.

Our anniversary is coming up. Well not right away, it's two months away. But the planning for a small get-away has started. I have started to explore areas where we might be tempted to spend 2-3 days. Nothing concrete yet. No solid plans. I do have two places that are vying for the top spot. Both are in the Central Coast.

One is in Cambria. The hotel package is reasonable - we've been there before for hubby's b/day get-away. Plus it includes tickets to the nearby attraction, Hearst Castle, and a wonderful 3-course dinner for two. We've been really impressed with the dinner we had at this restaurant before and so we long to dine there again someday.

Monterey is the second one. The dessert sampler in the photo above is from Jack's Restaurant that is inside Portala Hotel and Spa. The hotel is really fancy and swanky, so did the restaurant. We had the best time here and the most likely the best dinner we've ever had was here. Incredible food. Just look at the dessert.

The final destination will go down to which place will give us the best bang for our buck. Budget speaks loudly when we go travel, either for an overseas trip or to a place 2 hours down the road. Either one of the places we choose, I can't wait for the anniversary dinner because I know it's going to be good.


Kayni said…
I badly need a stressed out here.

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