Spring It Is

Our forecast for the entire week calls for 70s. All the way to Friday. Can you believe that?

I've brought a jacket, light one, yesterday and today just to be sure. I hate getting caught unprepared when suddenly the temp turns cold and I'm there freezing. Okay enough, it is exaggeration we all know it.

The weekend was also in the 70s. Two days I was weeding and planting. We planted the mesculun, which is the salad greens, and five tomatoes and lima beans. We also planted 4-5 strawberry plants.

The backyard is looking a bit better. The weeds keep growing, help! Anyhow, we've been doing a little at a time, but so far it's looking a lot better than before. Our rose bushes have new red leaves. I love it when the leaves are all red, they look so fresh and so vibrant. I don't mind the leaves turning green because I know the pretty blooms are coming soon.

Our cymbidiums are also blooming. Although unfortunately they were a bit neglected in the fall, so they are not as prolific as they can be in the past. I intend to remedy that this fall.

The weekend was also a time for friendship. On Saturday we had our monthly activity at church, this month it's a movie night. The night consisted of a spaghetti and salad dinner and a movie called HAPPY, which is a wonderful documentary that shows happy people and what makes these people happy. Incredible movie. You'll learn a lot, I sure did.

On Sunday we went out for lunch, after church, with a group of friends. We first went to an Indian-Pakistani restaurant, but we were too early. Then my hubby suggested we go to the Thai-Lao restaurant. They too were still closed, but we persuaded them to let us in and we'd wait until they officially open, which was 15 minutes away.

We chatted about politics and economy and the root causes of why people are happy - to tie in with the movie we watched the night before. We had wonderful array of curries and fried rice and eggrolls and other appetizers and of course pad thai.

I know we don't like to eat out two weeks in a row but it seems we have this time. It was unavoidable.

I started my third book, BRIDGET JONES DIARY, which is entertaining. I had lukewarm feelings about the movie, but I am loving the book so far.


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