Thankful Thursday

Maybe it's maturity, or that I've been around people who have been talking about it a lot, or it could also be all the things I've been reading online, especially my FB friends' postings. I've been more aware of counting my blessings and being more thankful lately.

I sighed a prayer one time within the earshot of the Mister, "Thank you Lord for everything!", I said. I meant it too. I felt overwhelmed by all the blesings. I was surprised when he said, "You should list down your blessings, name them one by one, and not generalized them like that."

I read somewhere that the minute you start counting and listing down your blessings, you would find that you have more blessings than you imagined you have. And the more you appreciate what you already have, the less chance of you getting depressed or wanting more.

So let me count my blessings:
  • family that support and love me
  • roof over my head
  • food on my table
  • more food in the refrigerator
  • job that pays for all the food and other expenses
  • church that encourages me and enriches me
  • friends that give me companionship
  • pets that give me responsibility
  • blog that keep my mind active
  • photography that gives me joy
  • general good health
  • opportunities to be of service to fellowmen

Last night the top 9 performed songs by the legendary BEATLES. While the performances were overall great (2 probably underwhelmed me), I CANNOT believe my ears when 2 or 3 contestants admitted to not having heard of the BEATLES before in their lives. WHAT???????

I was very disappointed at the lack of knowledge of these young people. What are they teaching them in school? Kidding aside, I would think that if one is interested in a certain field, wouldn't he/she be interested in who excelled in the same field? Very very disappointed.

Anyway, with only two performance nights behind us, I would hazard a guess that it's the ladies that will be left standing at the Finale this year. I am drawn to the Kree girl because she has this soft sweet voice and equally sweet face, but I feel the same way for Angie, who cannot be mistaken for sweetness. I think Angie has punk in her, which I like too. Then there's another girl whose name I've forgotten but she's equally good. In fact all the girls are really good this year.


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