Catching Up

A week's absence, that's what it was. I was busy doing nothing. My days nowadays are spent working, commuting, and watching tv. Pathetic I know. But driving an hour to and another hour from work daily in traffic can really sap one's energy.

Going out with friends can rejuvenate the soul. That's what we did on Saturday. We met with this couple we know for about 2 years now. We've been out once, which was nearly a year ago if I'm not mistaken. We keep planning but it's difficult to get our skeds on the same page. Our skeds finally synched on Saturday and they took us to Creek Monkey Tap House, where we ate and drank and chatted the afternoon away. Never underestimate the healing power of getting together with friends.

Anyway, I just found out that Princessa has tagged me. She wants to squeeze the last ounce of brain juice I have.

Here are the questions and my answers with explanations although it's not required:

1. You have to give up one part of your body: brain or heart? Pick in the context of the debate mind vs. heart or right vs. kind in making decisions.

Heart. I rely too much on my heart, I'm a heart over mind type. If I give up my heart, I'd no choice but to use relying on my brain.

2. Fictional characters are great! Would you rather be the hero or the villain in the greatest story ever told?

Villain. Too much responsibility on the the hero. Plus I'd have more chance to get an Oscar's by playing the villain :)

3. Smart and ugly or gorgeous and dumb?

Smart and ugly. I can use my smarts to make myself gorgeous.

4. Yes or No: becoming a parent and having kids.

Yes. No explanations needed.

5. Yes or No: divorce.

NO. My gutt tells me NO, but I'm not against it as a whole. It's a case to case basis.

6. You are about to do the one best thing that you have always wanted to do ever. What stops you from taking the plunge: your personal fear of failing or your fear of judgment from others?

PERSONAL FEAR OF FAILING. In addition, it's fear of making the change, taking the leap.

7. For one day, you get to spend the day with this famous person. Will you pick your favorite athlete, your favorite musician, your favorite author or your favorite actor?

ATHLETE (Buster Posey). Even if you don't know him, once you see him, you'd want to spend the rest of your days with him.

8. Yes or No: watching cartoons until your ridiculous old age now. (Admit it )

YES. I recently just watched the SMURFS, the movie.

9. The unfortunate has struck: your lover is dying. You are faced with this option: donate your vital organ to save him or her and die yourself while he or she lives without you or let your lover die without doing anything?

THE SECOND CHOICE. He knows my organs aren't in good shape :). He wouldn't want them in his body :)

10. Yes or No: death penalty.

YES. But on a case to case basis.

11. At a huge crossroad in your life, a decision has to be made which will alter the course of your freaking life. What do you do? Do you take the ridiculous way or the safe way to go about it?

RIDICULOUS WAY. Just for the sake of this meme, I'd choose that. But I know deep in my heart I'm a safe-way kind of person.

Aha! There I finished it. I also finished Amy Tan's SAVING FISH FROM DROWNING. I'm about to start another Amy Tan's book, the name of which I totally forgot.


Kayni said…
I read that book a long time ago. I think she also wrote Dragon Bones? I like her books.

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